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If you have questions regarding show approval, please contact the office: 940-488-1500.

NRCHA Show Secretaries must be approved by the NRCHA office.  Below is the NRCHA Show Secretary training.   This training is geared toward individuals who already have experience as show secretaries and just need to be approved by the NRCHA.  This resource will be available at all times.  Please feel free to use it as a reference.

NRCHA Show Secretary Training

Show Management Information

2024 Show Forms – Approvals

The show approval forms are now found in one packet. Fill out one cover page per show and use only what pages you need.
The show approval packet is now an excel file. There are protected cells to prevent invalid data from being entered. Cells will turn red if the monies do not meet requirements.
NRCHA Show Approval Cover Letter (fillable) – Required
2024 Show Approval Packet (Excel file – automatically downloads on Mac; right click/control click to save on PC)
2024 NRCHA International Show Approval Packet (Excel file – Mac auto downloads; PC right click and save)

Show Forms - As Needed

Show Forms - Post Show

Very important! All judge cards must include the horses’ names! We cannot verify cards that just have back numbers.
Required Post Show Forms
NRCHA Results Form – PDF
NRCHA Results Form – Excel

Adding NHSRA Cow Horse to an NRCHA Sanctioned Event

To add NHSRA cow horse to an NRCHA sanctioned event, you will need approval from the NHSRA region or district (for the states that have regions or districts), the state, and the national organization. To obtain approval, contact the NHSRA secretary in your area and they will assist in filing the Activity Sheet.
How it works: A single event can be approved by multiple regions or states. For example, a show can be held in Oklahoma that has approval from the state of Oklahoma as well has Texas regions 3, 4 and 10. Competitors from those different states and regions can all earn points in their respective home state or region at that single event.

From the Reined Cow Horse News Magazine

How-To Achieve Affiliate All-Star Status (printed January/February 2021)

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