Hall of Fame

The People

The NRCHA Hall of Fame recognizes the people who, over the years, have contributed so much in so many ways to the organization. These men and women represent the most impactful horsemen in our sport, and have shaped the course of reined cow horse.

Hall of Fame Members
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The Horses

The NRCHA is proud to recognize its Hall of Fame Horses. Each of these equine athletes have proven their merits over the years, through performance and progeny, and have helped reined cow horse develop into one of the most demanding and competitive equine sports.

Hall of Fame Horses
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Hall of Merit

The NRCHA Hall of Merit recognizes the people whose contributions outside of the competitive arena have helped to guide and advance the sport of reined cow horse. Inductees are recognized based on the significant efforts they have made in support of the Association.

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I would like to be known as a man of integrity, a man of honesty, a man that was kind to his horse, and loved his horses.

Doug Ingersoll2022 NRCHA Hall of Fame Inductee