NRCHA Cow Horse Incentive Program

The NRCHA Cow Horse Incentive Program Stallions, Owners, and Breeders have been waiting for.

Stallion subscriptions and foal nominations will open soon.
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Ready to Learn More?

The NRCHA hosted an informational webinar that provides a program overview concluding with a Q&A session to address some of the commonly asked questions.

Rewatch Seminar

Stallion Subscription

The Stallion Subscription fee will be paid per foal crop. The fee is 1x the published stud fee. $1,500 minimum. This will not include the chute fee, shipping, etc.

Foal Nominations


All horses nominated by November 15, 2024, regardless of age will only pay $275

Million Dollar Payouts Are Coming

Subscribed Stallion Purse

Stallion subscriber earns money with each payout
80% to the Purse
20% to the Stallion Subscriber

Foal Nomination Purse

Foal nominator earns money with each payout
80% to the Purse
20% to the Foal Nominator

Offspring Entry Purse

*Projected Payouts of 1.3+ Million to all finalists.

Open Purse
Non Pro Purse

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