Legacy Subscribed Stallions

The National Reined Cow Horse Association has launched its NRCHA Cow Horse Incentive, which will replace the former Subscribed Stallion Program. The first event featuring payouts from this exciting NEW program will be the 2025 Stallion Stakes.   


The stallions listed below are considered Legacy Subscribed Stallions. Each stallion was enrolled in the former stallion subscription program and will have the opportunity to advance into the new program. For more information on subscribing a stallion to the new program, please email incentive@nrcha.com.

Stallion Name202020212022202320242025
A Shiner Named Sioux20202021
A Sparkling Vintage2021
A Vintage Smoke20212022202320242025
All That Boon20202021202220232024
Annies Smart Cat202220232024
Armani Cat2021202220232024
Bet He Sparks2022202320242025
Bet Hesa Boon20212022202320242025
Bet Hesa Cat20202021202220232024
Bet Yer A Smartallic2023
Bettin Yer Smart20202021
Blind Sided20202021202220232024
Bob Hes Quick2025
Boon San2020
Boon Too Suen20202021202220232024
Bowmans Metallic Cat2020
Brother Jackson2020202120222023
Call Me Mitch20202021202220232024
Caribbean Cat2024
Cat From Ipanema20202021
Cat Ichi20202021
Cats Picasso20232024
Cats Royal Boon2025
Catty Hawk20202021
CD Diamond20202021202220232024
CD Dyna Cee2022
CD Highlights202020212022
CD Lights20202021
Check Yer Metal20232024
Colors With A Streak2022
Cool N Hot2020202120222023
Countin Hot Checks2022202320242025
CR Gotcha Covered2020202120222023
CR Highlight20222023
CSR Dual Glo20242025
Desire Rey20202021
Doc Seas Whiskey2021202220232024
Docs Metallic Dual2023
Docs Soula20202021
Dont Stopp Believin2020202120222023
Dual Pep2020
Dual R Smokin202020212022
Dual Rey202020212022
Dual Reyish20202021202220232024
Dual Smart Rey20202021202220232024
Dualin Boon20212023
Dualin Stargun20202021
Dulces Little Light2020
Fantastic Cat20222023
Fiddle And Steel20232024
FM Cottonwood20202021202220232024
Genuine Masterpiece20202021202220232024
Good Times Too20202021
Gotta Go Get It2020
Graceful Smart Cat20222023
Half Time Report20202022
Hallmarked Playboy2020
Hashtag Blues2025
Hazardouz Material202120222023
Here Comes The Boon2021202220232024
Hes Wright On2020202120222023
Hesa Dual Bet2024
Hickory Holly Time2020202120222023
Hickorys Indian Pep2020
High Brow Cat20202021202220232024
High Brow CD2020
High Brow Shiner2020
High Cost of Metal2021202220232025
Hired Gun20202021202220232024
Hit Tha Flo2021
Honky Tonk Dreams2022
Hott Rod2023
Hottish Metal2024
HQ Helluva Cat2022
Hydrive Cat2020
Im Countin Checks202020222024
Jans Rey Cuatro20202021202220232024
Jasons Peptolena20202021
Jesses Topaz20232024
Judge Boon202020212022
Kit Dual2020
Kit Kat Sugar20202021202220232024
KR Fantallicka20202021202220232024
Kreyzy Horse20232024
Laker Doc2021
Lil Catbaloo2020
Lil Joe Cash20202021
Lil Time To Smoke20202021
Little Cielo2020
Little Deuce Coope2021
Little Pepto Rey20202021
Little Puma20212022
Lotta Stuff To Shine2020
Magical Voodoo2024
Master Spook2022
MC CowHammer202120222023
Metalic Al2020
Metallic Cat20202021202220232024
Metallic Cattack20212022202320242025
Metallic CD2020
Metallic Chrome Cat202020242025
Metallic Huckleberry20222023
Metallic Malice20202021202220232024
Metallic Masterpiece202020232024
Metallic Rebel20202021202220232024
Metallic Rey Mink202220232024
Metallic Snowflakes2022
Metallic Voodoo2021202220232024
Metallics MVP2021202220232024
Meteles Cat20202021202220232024
Moms Stilish Cat202120222023
Mr Playinstylish20202021202220232024
Natural Bottom20202021202220232024
Nic It In The Bud20202021202220232024
Nineteen Ten2022
Northern Metallic202120222023
Nothing But Blu2024
NRR Cat King Cole20232024
Nu Smoketana2021
Offers Are Cheap202020232024
Olena Oak20202021202220232024
Once In A Blu Boon2020202120222023
One Fine Vintage2020202120222023
One Shiney Metallic20202021202220232024
One Time Pepto20202021202220232024
One Time Royalty202020212022202320242025
Pale Face Dunnit20232024
Pepto Bro CD20212022
Peptos Duke2020
Peptos Player2022
PG Heavily Armed2020
Plain Catty2025
Porr Que20222023
PRF Spoonful Of Gold2020
Pride And Joyy2025
Pure Pepto2024
Red Hot Metal2020202120222023
Reys A Shine20242025
Reyzin The Cash20202021202220232024
RL Styling Rey20202021
RN Highbrow Lena2021202220232024
Rockin Spots2024
Rockin W20202021202220232024
Rocky Mountain Blues20202021
Rollz Royce20202021202220232024
Roo To Do2023
Royal Fletch202020212022
RS Cats Starlight20202021202220232024
RTR Reason To Believe202120222023
Rustic Metal2022
Saddling At Sunrise20232024
Scooter Kat20202021202220232024
SDP Hy Rey Bound20212022
Seven S Grand Slam20232024
Sevens Star Glo2025
SF Hottish Lumi Cat202020242025
Shiners Nickle2020202120222023
Shiners Voodoo Dr20202021202220232024
Shiney Outlaw2020202120222023
Shining Cat2020
Shining CD Light2023
Shining Spark20202021202220232024
Sho Cat2023
Sinful Cat20212022
Sixes Pick2020202120222023
SJR Diamond Mist2021202220232024
SJR Smooth Cadilac20212022
Slooow Ride2022
SLR Smart As A Cat20232024
Smart And Shiney20202021
Smart Boons20202021202220232024
Smart Chic Olena202020212022
Smoketana Chex2021
Smokin Custom Crome202220232024
Smooth As A Cat2020202120222023
Smooth Talkin Style20202021202220232024
Smoothe Bye Design2020
Solano Cat20202021
Son Shining Rooster2020202120222023
Spook N Boon2025
Spooks Gotta Spark2024
Spots Heff2021202220232024
Spots Hot20202021202220232024
Starjac Vintage2024
Step To The Light20202021
Steppin On Sparks2020
Stevie Rey Von202020212022202320242025
Sun Un Dun2024
Sushi Boss20202021
Sweet Lil Pepto2020202120222023
Tee Boone20232024
The Animal20202021
The Boon202020232024
The Reyl McCoy20202025
Third Edge2024
This One Time2020202120222023
Time For The Diamond20202021
Tin Man2024
Titanium Vintage2022
Tomcat Chex2020202120222023
Topsail Smoking Gun2022
Total Blam Blam202020222023
Travelin Jonez20202021202220232024
Tru Grrit2020
Two Legitt202220232024
Uno What Time It Is20202021
Whizkey N Diamonds202120222023
Wicked Echos2021
Wicked Pretty2023
Wimpys Little Step2020
Wind Her Up Nic2024
Woody Be Dual Cat2021
Woody Be Tuff202020212022202320242025
WR This Cats Smart20202021202220232024
Xtra New Pal Voodoo2022
YOR The One2021202220232024
Zak 342023

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