NRCHA Affiliates

Nearly 30 affiliates located world-wide to help you get started

National Reined Cow Horse Youth Association (NRCHYA)

Growing our youth competitors both in and out of the arena

Show Management

Resources to aid our affiliates and show secretaries in producing NRCHA sanctioned events

Judges Information

Educational resources for preserving the ingegrity of the Reined Cow Horse

NHSRA Cow Horse

Offering resources for the National High School Rodeo Association Cow Horse program

NRCHA Cow Horse Incentive Program

The NRCHA Cow Horse Incentive Program determines eligibility for offspring competing at the NRCHA Stallion Stakes

Stallion Auction

Stallion Service Auction allows the NRCHA to better support its members while evolving the sport of Cow Horse.

Merit Award Program

Recognizing horses on their continued success in the show pen

Cowboy Class

Introducing working ranch cowboys to the sport of Reined Cow Horse