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The National Reined Cow Horse Association, formed in 1949 as the California Reined Cow Horse Association, is charged with oversight and enforcement of the rules that regulate the sport of reined cow horse, as well as preserving and educating the public about the rich history of this traditional style of horsemanship. As a member-focused organization, NRCHA, guided by its Board of Directors, strives to support the integrity and sustainability of the association, its sanctioned and managed events, and the sport as a whole for the benefit of our members, stakeholders, supporters and fans, and for the horses that compete in our arenas.

Through numerous affiliate clubs across the United States and abroad, as well as non-affiliate partners, NRCHA supports sanctioned events throughout the year. These sanctioned events often provide the starting point for riders who are interested in reined cow horse.

In addition to sanctioned events, NRCHA manages five premier events annually. These events feature the highest level of reined cow horse competition, and provide an opportunity for fans and spectators to join in the festivities at ticketed and non-ticketed finals.

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