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PulseVet Becomes the Official Shock Wave of The Run For A Million


PulseVet Becomes the Official Shock Wave of The Run For A Million

By July 10, 2023No Comments

PulseVet Becomes the Official Shock Wave of The Run For A Million

Release by: The Run For A Million Staff

A leader in veterinary shock wave technology, PulseVet has signed on to become The Run For A Million (TRFAM)’s Official Shock Wave partner.

“PulseVet is honored to be named the Official Shock Wave of TRFAM,” said Trudy Gage, Vice President of Zomedica’s Equine division and Client Education. “The positive influence this show and group of people bring to the equine industry is unprecedented. We are excited to partner with people like producers Amanda [Brumley] and Taylor [Sheridan], who share our interest in animal welfare.”

Made in the USA and only sold to licensed veterinarians, PulseVet uses high-energy focused sound wave technology backed by peer-reviewed and published clinical research. This non-invasive regenerative option is considered the standard of care for tendon and ligament injuries in horses and now dogs, often replacing pharmaceuticals. PulseVet can provide pain management and shorten healing time with improved quality of healing — often in just three treatments.

Because of its dedication to keeping top equine athletes like reining horses comfortable and performing at their peak, PulseVet was a clear choice as an addition to TRFAM’s team, producer Amanda Brumley said.

“Since the inception of TRFAM, Taylor and I have kept the interests of the horse’s well-being at the forefront by incorporating quality products and services in ways to educate those in the equestrian industry who follow this event,” Brumley said. “Our partnership with PulseVet is a fabulous addition to the goals of TRFAM. PulseVet’s non-invasive technology for healing offers horse and pet owners a valuable alternative to surgeries and pharmaceuticals.”

Gage, a longtime equestrian, understands the demands put on reining horses as they undergo training, conditioning and competition. In fact, she purchased her first reining horse, High Brow Legend, at a previous TRFAM.

“Educating horse and dog owners and trainers is my passion, and most horse owners are also dog owners and lovers,” said Gage, an avid lover of Border Collies and Jack Russell Terriers. “I can’t wait to be part of this year’s TRFAM. I look forward to experiencing the energy that fills the air at South Point, and spending time talking to people interested in providing the very best care for their horses and dogs.”

Gage will be onsite during TRFAM and looks forward to answering any questions.

To find a veterinarian offering PulseVet shock wave therapy, go to and click on “Find a Vet” to view a list of all providers in your area. For more info about PulseVet shock wave therapy, click here.

The 2023 TRFAM will take place Aug. 16-19 at the South Point Arena and Casino in Las Vegas. To view the schedule or purchase tickets, visit You can also like and follow TRFAM on Facebook and Instagram.