Ralph & Mickey Gragg

Ralph and Mickey Gragg are true ambassadors of the NRCHA. Their contributions to the sport are not only their successful horses but also the support they give to others. This husband and wife team began in 1949 and produced three children and 10 grandchildren. Both Ralph and Mickey had an affection for horses at an early age. But the real love affair and the legacy didn’t truly take off until they purchased a 2 year old son of Colonel Freckles, a Paint colt named Colonel Smoke. And the Graggs have had more great horses, but what really makes Ralph and Mickey true “Hall of Famers” is their supportive attitude towards others in the sport. They are always there to cheer on the other Pros and the Non-Pros too. Ralph and Mickey treat the competitors as kind of their extended family, encouraging everyone regardless of the barn they are from.