Johnny Brazil, Jr.

(taken from the 2017 press release regarding Johnny Brazil, Jr.’s Hall of Fame induction)

The lights went dim, the room was still. Then the solemnity of this treasured experience settled in. We saw horses perform. We saw men perform. We saw what makes horse and man as one as we viewed the video honoring Johnny Brazil, Jr. as the 1997 NRCHA Hall of Fame Inductee. There was not a dry eye.

Two full tables of Brazil family members came to enjoy this special occasion. But there was also a room full of 825 people that felt the humble, yet powerful spirit of this man, and we all stood — cheering to honor him. What a great privilege we have in knowing him, in learning from him.

John Brazil, Jr. is a living part of California history. For over sixty years he has dedicated his life to breeding, raising and training some of the finest Quarter Horses in the nation. His story is unique in that he has followed the horsemanship traditions brought to California by the Spanish explorers. Johnny is one of the few people today who preserves the methods perfected by the early vaqueros of California who have been regarded as the most superb horsemen to have ever worked cattle from horseback.

At age seventy-five, John Brazil’s achievements are too numerous to list. A founding member of the California Reined Cow Horse Association (CRCHA) in the 1940’s what is now our beloved National Reined Cow Horse Association (NRCHA), John Brazil still competes at the world class level. His appearance at the 1996 NRCHA Snaffle Bit Futurity finals aboard his magnificent black stallion “Spots Shadow” is unprecedented.

Johnny Brazil is the only person in the United States who, at his age, is competing in the professional division of stock horse events. This includes the National Cutting Horse Association, National Reining Horse Association and the National Reined Cow Horse Association. Indeed no other competitor comes close to his long list of accomplishments in the world of Stock Horse competition.

He is an icon and a true California vaquero bridle horseman. He speaks four languages; Spanish, Portuguese, English, and the Language of the Horse.

The hope in honoring individuals in the “Hall of Fame” is to give others the goal to strive for the same attributes and for success.

Thank you, Mr. Johnny Brazil, Jr. for your tremendous contributions to the NRCHA!
(Much of the information on Johnny Brazil was taken from a Press Release written by Sergio D. Monsanto – Thank you Sergio.)