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To become an NRCHA judge, an applicant must attend a judge’s seminar and pass the NRCHA Judge Test that is administered at the end of the seminar.  To keep the NRCHA judge card, a judge must attend a seminar every 3 years.

Judge Seminars and education are vital to the success of our NRCHA judges and to train new judges. During the seminar, judges and prospective judges will learn from NRCHA Director of Judges Bill Enk, who will guide in the development their skills through a seminar. For questions about a seminar or becoming an NRCHA judge, please call the office at 940-488-1500.

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Hosted Judge Seminars

In addition to the NRCHA judge seminar hosted annually, affiliates also have the opportunity to host judge seminars at the local level.

Judge Seminar Requirements

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