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NRCHA Stallion Stakes Postponed Until Further Notice


NRCHA Stallion Stakes Postponed Until Further Notice

By March 13, 2020No Comments

In light of the current situation with the coronavirus, the National Reined Cow Horse Association board of directors made the difficult decision to postpone the National Reined Cow Horse Association Stallion Stakes. The association’s second premier event of 2020 was scheduled for March 27 – April 4, at the South Point Equestrian Center, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“It was a difficult decision to say the least. We understand and appreciate everyone’s efforts to prepare their horses and make the trip to Las Vegas. Everyone has a lot invested into this industry. The board looked at and discussed the current situation from every angle. Ultimately, we felt postponing the show until the coronavirus situation is under control was in the best interest of the membership for several reasons,” stated NRCHA president Corey Cushing.

“We did not not take this decision lightly. This is in no way a reflection of the South Point Casino’s ability to prepare and maintain excellent sanitation procedures throughout their facility. We could not be more pleased with their response and preparation plans for us,” NRCHA vice president Paul Bailey said of the facility. “However, we were concerned for the travel plans of our show-goers. The city of Las Vegas is obviously a large tourist attraction with large volumes of international travelers. We do not want to risk anyone getting stuck in a possible travel ban.”

The NRCHA board of directors reiterates that the premier event is postponed until further notice. “The board and staff are working diligently to find new dates to hold the Stakes. The membership will be notified as soon as we have a solid plan in place,” stated Cushing.

“We appreciate everyone’s understanding and patience throughout this trying situation,” Bailey said. “I wish to remind everyone that anxiety and fear do not help situations such as these. Use common sense and practice good hygienic habits, especially over the weeks and months to come.”

Entrants in the NRCHA Stallion Stakes will be not be responsible for any entry fees, and will be refunded any show fees that have already been paid. When the Stallion Stakes is rescheduled, entries must be resubmitted. Contact the NRCHA office via phone or email with any questions.